What’s An Office Without Supplies

Office supplies have been around ever since office surfaced in the industry. Office supplies are vital in the operation of any office and company. It is even possible to say that without office supplies, the company cannot operation and might bankrupt sooner or later. However, for the sake of argument and to stress the benefits of office supplies, let us examine what’s an office without supplies.imagesTo start with, let us list the office supplies commonly found in every office. These are paper, inks, pens, staple and coffee. Paper is an important supply which allows companies to print, copy or write down documents. By eliminating paper, companies are forced to handle all business transactions through oral or online means. Oral arrangement is not trustworthy as clients may back out with the agreement if the deal does not favor them. Online transactions can be hacked no matter how tight the security. As for internal operations, employees are forced to use white boards and computer for all notes and documentations. In case there will be a power interruption and there’s no generator, office operation will be completely stopped.

Without inks, printers and photocopiers will be useless and employees will have to either manually write down documents on paper or solely rely on online transaction. Some people struggle to find office supplies and often find themselves looking to compare photocopier rental. Pens will render paper almost useless if removed, making paper usable through photocopying and printing only. Stapler cannot function without a staple therefore documents which need to be joined permanently has the risk of getting separated. And without coffee, employees will not have the sufficient energy to work throughout the whole shift. Same with air conditioners, best you install the best air conditioner to ensure your staff are happy 🙂

Just these consumables alone could make operating an office very challenging. Now let’s take a look of what will happen if furniture and equipment are not present. Without furniture like desks and chairs, employees will either have to stand or sit on the floor for around 8 hours a day. This will put a lot of strain on the employee’s body which could affect the health and performance of employee. Drawers can hold physical documents and office supplies which are important in the company. An office without drawers will make the office unorganized and the mess can affect office operation.

On the other hand, equipment like computers, printers, photocopiers and communication equipment can turn back the office into the ancient methods. Abacus will have to be used instead of calculators and documents need to be hand-written. This will be time consuming and counterproductive to the business operation.

By simply removing different office supplies, we have a clear picture of how the office operates or fail to operate. And even though ancient merchants do not have the luxury of modern office supplies, the business industry today cannot operate without them.

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