5 advantages of having a PVG

PVG is a membership scheme and it stands for Protected Vulnerable Groups. This is a scheme that is delivered and managed by Disclosure Scotland for all those employees who are associated with the Regulated Work involving children and senior citizens. In case, there is an information regarding your past criminal records or unsuitable behaviour, you will be barred from working with children and other protected people.

There are certain advantages of having a PVG Please see this information provided from clear check.
Only the suitable professionals are employed

Children, old people and other protected people of the society need special care and attention. They are vulnerable because they are unable to meet their daily life requirements on their own. This is the reason they need special care and attention when their family members leave for work. Under the PVG scheme, only the eligible and suitable professionals are allowed to get employed.

More safety and protection for the vulnerable groups

Since the Disclosure Scotland follows a stringent and strict evaluation on the PVG members for people involved in the Regulated Work, the entire background and the past historical records of the concerned individuals get unlocked. The ineligible people with criminal records and unsuitable behaviour are rejected right away to even apply for jobs involving kids and old people. This means that there is protection and safety and a peaceful ambience of living.

A continuous screening and evaluation is carried on

There is continuous screening and evaluation executed on you. If you are employed with any Regulated Work involving the vulnerable group like kids, senior citizens and people with special needs, you might be asked to update your information and profile on a frequent basis. Your updates are also thoroughly checked and examined. In case of any kind of discrepancy is found, you might have to leave the current job that you are employed in.

There is no scope of any kind of mental and physical exploitation

When a person concerned is employed after undergoing the strict evaluation process of the PVG check, there is a less probability of exploitation. Often the individuals from the vulnerable group are prone to physical and sexual abuse, mental harassments and all kinds of exploitation by their caring and helping professionals. Such a situation doesn’t pop up with the carer getting hired under the PVG membership scheme. Any kind of behavioural ineligibility is not accepted and hence the vulnerable people enjoy a pleasant and normal life even when their family members are away at work.

You get the details of the concerned employees

A PVG scheme helps to spread the information regarding a concerned employee to the organizations and the individual employers very easily. You don’t have to wait for days to get the right information regarding the employee. It is because you will be notified with the full background and profile of the concerned individual regarding the work he/she has done in the past and even get in touch with the referrals provided to you. It is an easier way for you to employee helping hands.


Top Ten Ways To Reduce Your Telecommunications Costs

Luke Mead, from Caelum Communications, has created these top ten ways to help small and medium businesses reduce the costs of their telecommunications services and lower those corporate phone bills.

1. Keep your services with one supplier

It can often prove more efficient in terms of cost savings to actually keep all of your services with one supplier. Check that they offer packages of broadband, telephone and mobile solutions and this can keep your charges lower

2. Only use integrated solutions

Make sure your supplier can integrate all of your telecoms requirements as this will help with reducing your call charges and costs.

3. Request a bespoke service offering

When you are discussing services with your telecoms provider, ask them to create a bespoke service agreement just for your business. This will ensure you get the best out of the agreement and you won’t be hit with any unnecessary charges.

4. Make sure your price is protected

When you take out a telecoms contract, make sure there is some kind of price protection or guarantee supplied as you don’t want to face a sudden price hike halfway through the contract.

5. Monitor how much you actually use

Watch what your business is actually using and make sure your contract has an option to downgrade if you find you don’t need as many features after all. Check that you don’t have any unused services which are adding to your costs.

6. Tailored to your business

Make sure the services you receive are tailored to the type and size of business you are running as one size does not fit all businesses and your needs will be different to the large corporate firm down the road.

7. Any additional benefits

Check to see if the supplier can offer you any added benefits within your contract, for example, free calls between your company mobile numbers, as these can really help to reduce your costs.

8. Cutting edge technology and innovation

Make sure that the provider you choose keeps up-to-date with modern technology and innovative telecoms systems, and passes this knowledge down to you. You need to be able to future proof your telecoms system and makes sure it doesn’t become obsolete.

 9. Watch out for expensive numbers

Check that your suppliers and customers are not using premium rate contact numbers when you need to call them. Always ask for a cheaper alternative where possible and this can have a dramatic impact on your costs.

10. Don’t rely on the phone all the time

When working internally or making quick calls, is it cheaper and easier to have the conversation by email or instant messaging instead? This can be another way to improve communication efficiency and reduce telecoms bills.

Hopefully you found these ten suggestions useful. For more ideas and ways to streamline your telecommunications systems, why not get in touch with us at Caelum Communications on0333 366 0058.

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Moving Offices? You May Want Some Help

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.58.50When it comes to moving offices it is no easy task. Although you can scroll through lots of serviced offices Liverpool Street with ease, actually moving once you’ve found the office is a new story. So, you have taken years to set up your livelihood in one singular place and the process or even though of moving to a new destination can put most business owners off. Fear not, there are now a wide variety of services that are on offer to help make your moving situation that little bit better. But where exactly will you need help.


In an office there is no shortage of furniture however there is a shortage of office staff. However, you may be moving to a bigger office and need some HADO desks for new staff.Furthermore asking your staff to move furniture opens you up to possible legal action as moving furniture is not a part of their contract. Therefore hiring a professional moving company gets the job done with no repercussions.


It takes a long time to get an office set up and especially decorated if you are doing it yourself. So why not let a professional do it for you? Hiring a decorating company will take a lot of stress off of you allowing you to work on the more important things.

Safe Removal

In an office there will be one place where you keep the most important details of the office, that place is a safe. So when it comes to moving the safe it has to be handled with the utmost care. With the help of trident safe removal you can guarantee that all your possessions will be safe.


People have been attending your original office for years so travel is but a care in the wind but when it comes to moving you should find out if each member of staff can get into work easily.