Call In The Cavalry (IT Support)

The digital age has emerged and apparently so have rising stress levels and the use of robotic process automation from Thoughtonomy. We all face on a daily basis tech struggles that drive us crazy to the point of almost having meltdowns. New vocabulary like rage quit has even been invented for such a meltdown. In an ever materialistic world wifi seems to be the one thing that we’re all searching for and losing it feels like it’s the end of the world (it’s not). Here’s a few techy problems that grind my gears and for most of us have probably caused several violent outbursts and use of fowl language. But remember it’s all relative because all though these seem increasingly important to us they’re just #firstworldproblems.


Wifi perhaps one of the main reasons civilisation has got so lazy but again the best invention since…ever is the centre of all of our online lives. We need it, crave it and search for it wherever possible. So judging by all of that it’s understandable how it can become such a great problem. Be it a dodgy connection or the network going down losing Wifi is just a great big pain in the backside for all of us, especially if you’ve got work to do.bf948b13bfeb7265c08defe29ae26c77518cd6420f52d0b7c305a4d004e04a87

Error 404

You might not even know what this message means when a dialog box appears on your screen but if it does that means instantanteous anger. In fact the actual meaning of this error code simply is that a web page cannot be displayed but if that web page is something you desperately need to get on, life can get a lot more difficult.a2ed83d2

Getting Lost

The arrival of the tech age means the arrival of online storage or “documents”. We all use these documents and in fact a lot of vital information can be found within. But the word vital rings alarm bells, because like anything even online documents or document stored on a hard drive can get lost or even permanently deleted. It may just seem like a tiny bit of data but to us it’s like a chunk of our lives have been destroyed. That’s why backing up files is such a big deal.lost_file

We Use It For Everything

Like I keep reiterating we use computers and devices now for absolutely every detail of our life. Paper itself is becoming outdated because workplaces are simply switching to the use of documents and websites and even social networks for everyday tasks. This means that your career is in the hands of your tech and any problems can cost you that. Daunting isn’t it.chewing-on-the-cable


Since tech has been introduced communication has become so much more simpler and even brought about the shrinking of the world as we know it (not literally). It’s wonderful to think that messages can be sent in seconds all over the world. But this could lead to our downfall, if our tech goes down or line of communication is cut and we are way to impatient to deal with sending letters or even talking to each other. social-network-prequel

So with all this in mind is it any doubt that a business or all of us need IT support Chelmsford. Not just for the good of our computers but for the very good of our sanity.

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