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10 Celebrity Success Stories

With so many successful people within the performing arts industry, we’ve managed to get 10 very successful people within that industry to share their story with us. With most of them thanking their drama summer schools, please read the infographic below to find out more about the celebrities and how they became so famous.



Top 5 most memorable logos

There are several logo designs that last in our mind forever. Let us have a look at them one by one.

      1. Google

As we all know, Google’s brand logo design and it is well recognized across the whole world. The Google iconic logo design represents the Google Company and its brilliant without a doubt. The Google Company doesn’t need introduction, it’s well known by everyone. This is one of the most strong and famous companies in the earth. In today’s world, the Google logo design is so popular that people recognizes the logo easily and quickly. It is very simple and colorful logo design, which is set in peoples’ minds.

  1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is a brand name, which is world famous. The Coca-Cola Company slowly built up its goodwill over the time. The logo design of the Coca- cola is lovely and simple of two colours, including red and white. The principal style of formal handwriting is used in logo design, which is unique and wonderful. It totally suits and is the perfect logo design for the company. Now, it has become one of the most recognizable brands in the universe.

  1. McDonald’s

McDonald’s is one of the popular brands amongst all the brands. Now no one is there who is unable to recognize McDonald’s logo because it has become an international brand. Everyone loves to visit McDonald’s food restaurants and spend some quality time with loved ones or family. The logo design is very simple and clear that makes everyone understand it well. It is the most simplified and a plain logo with iconic golden “M” that suffices as a symbol for the company worldwide.

  1. Nike

In the world, who don’t know about this brand? It is the brand and a well-known company across the world for its goodwill and special quality of products. The Nike logo design is so beautiful and simple like Outre Creative that makes everyone understand what the brand is all about. It is a one of the most perfect and suitable logo design, which expresses the brand product appropriately. Simple words of Nike with graphic design make the logo extremely attractive and memorable.

  1. Apple

One of the most unique logo designs, which are attractive and eye-catching, is the logo of the giant company, Apple. The Apple company products have become so much popular over the years that the Apple logo design is actually printed in peoples’ heads. There are people who can hate or love apple products, but they can’t deny the fact that they are not able to recognize the Apple logo. The logo design is very simple which represents the beauty of an apple shape and a small bit from one side of the apple, which really makes the logo more fabulous and outstanding.

The above five are the most memorable logo designs, which are famous among the people. The companies, which are powerful, reliable and trusted, can create memorable logos. The design of the logo must be simple and beautiful that everyone can easily recognize and understand it.

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5 advantages of having a PVG

PVG is a membership scheme and it stands for Protected Vulnerable Groups. This is a scheme that is delivered and managed by Disclosure Scotland for all those employees who are associated with the Regulated Work involving children and senior citizens. In case, there is an information regarding your past criminal records or unsuitable behaviour, you will be barred from working with children and other protected people.

There are certain advantages of having a PVG Please see this information provided from clear check.
Only the suitable professionals are employed

Children, old people and other protected people of the society need special care and attention. They are vulnerable because they are unable to meet their daily life requirements on their own. This is the reason they need special care and attention when their family members leave for work. Under the PVG scheme, only the eligible and suitable professionals are allowed to get employed.

More safety and protection for the vulnerable groups

Since the Disclosure Scotland follows a stringent and strict evaluation on the PVG members for people involved in the Regulated Work, the entire background and the past historical records of the concerned individuals get unlocked. The ineligible people with criminal records and unsuitable behaviour are rejected right away to even apply for jobs involving kids and old people. This means that there is protection and safety and a peaceful ambience of living.

A continuous screening and evaluation is carried on

There is continuous screening and evaluation executed on you. If you are employed with any Regulated Work involving the vulnerable group like kids, senior citizens and people with special needs, you might be asked to update your information and profile on a frequent basis. Your updates are also thoroughly checked and examined. In case of any kind of discrepancy is found, you might have to leave the current job that you are employed in.

There is no scope of any kind of mental and physical exploitation

When a person concerned is employed after undergoing the strict evaluation process of the PVG check, there is a less probability of exploitation. Often the individuals from the vulnerable group are prone to physical and sexual abuse, mental harassments and all kinds of exploitation by their caring and helping professionals. Such a situation doesn’t pop up with the carer getting hired under the PVG membership scheme. Any kind of behavioural ineligibility is not accepted and hence the vulnerable people enjoy a pleasant and normal life even when their family members are away at work.

You get the details of the concerned employees

A PVG scheme helps to spread the information regarding a concerned employee to the organizations and the individual employers very easily. You don’t have to wait for days to get the right information regarding the employee. It is because you will be notified with the full background and profile of the concerned individual regarding the work he/she has done in the past and even get in touch with the referrals provided to you. It is an easier way for you to employee helping hands.


Things to remember when making a website

Have you recently launched a company and planning to create a website of your own? Making a website is easy; however, there are a few things that you need to remember while creating a website. Read on to find out more.

Making a website

Making a website is not a simple task. The main thing that you need to remember while making a website is to know your target audience. Design a website that is colorful, interactive and at the same time has a number of different images that would draw visitors to the site. Also, remember to link your website to the affiliate marketing websites for better promotion.

How can people find a good website?

Your website needs to be search engine optimized and friendly. Get in touch with an Episerver agency for all your solutions – this is a wise move to ensure that your website stays on top form. Visit this for an assortment of ideas and designs for your website. Plus — Ensure your visual marketing is on point with a high quality agency like Red Pill they offer video marketing in London. As users attention spans decrease year on year, creative and high quality marketing is becoming of further importance.


Top Ten Ways To Reduce Your Telecommunications Costs

Luke Mead, from Caelum Communications, has created these top ten ways to help small and medium businesses reduce the costs of their telecommunications services and lower those corporate phone bills.

1. Keep your services with one supplier

It can often prove more efficient in terms of cost savings to actually keep all of your services with one supplier. Check that they offer packages of broadband, telephone and mobile solutions and this can keep your charges lower

2. Only use integrated solutions

Make sure your supplier can integrate all of your telecoms requirements as this will help with reducing your call charges and costs.

3. Request a bespoke service offering

When you are discussing services with your telecoms provider, ask them to create a bespoke service agreement just for your business. This will ensure you get the best out of the agreement and you won’t be hit with any unnecessary charges.

4. Make sure your price is protected

When you take out a telecoms contract, make sure there is some kind of price protection or guarantee supplied as you don’t want to face a sudden price hike halfway through the contract.

5. Monitor how much you actually use

Watch what your business is actually using and make sure your contract has an option to downgrade if you find you don’t need as many features after all. Check that you don’t have any unused services which are adding to your costs.

6. Tailored to your business

Make sure the services you receive are tailored to the type and size of business you are running as one size does not fit all businesses and your needs will be different to the large corporate firm down the road.

7. Any additional benefits

Check to see if the supplier can offer you any added benefits within your contract, for example, free calls between your company mobile numbers, as these can really help to reduce your costs.

8. Cutting edge technology and innovation

Make sure that the provider you choose keeps up-to-date with modern technology and innovative telecoms systems, and passes this knowledge down to you. You need to be able to future proof your telecoms system and makes sure it doesn’t become obsolete.

 9. Watch out for expensive numbers

Check that your suppliers and customers are not using premium rate contact numbers when you need to call them. Always ask for a cheaper alternative where possible and this can have a dramatic impact on your costs.

10. Don’t rely on the phone all the time

When working internally or making quick calls, is it cheaper and easier to have the conversation by email or instant messaging instead? This can be another way to improve communication efficiency and reduce telecoms bills.

Hopefully you found these ten suggestions useful. For more ideas and ways to streamline your telecommunications systems, why not get in touch with us at Caelum Communications on0333 366 0058.

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Process Mapping and the Importance of It

Many people don’t yet know about the process mapping, and why such a process is an important part of improving your quality management system, and the functioning of your entire company or organization. This so-called Process Approach focusses on the procedure-based management systems and the transition of moving them to the process-based systems. By doing that, the performance of the company or organization should be enhanced and improved, and the heard of it all consists of effective process design and management as well. The good thing about this is the fact that it can be integrated into the management systems that have been based on all of the international standards, and it does not matter one bit what the technical discipline has been in the past.

Process Mapping courses are therefore extremely important for companies and organisations, and the good thing about them is the fact that they only last for one day, and can introduce the delegates to a whole new process design and a new form of management. It also touches on the interface and the cultural problems. These Process Mapping courses are really important and ought to be taken by all the companies and organizations, because it raises the awareness of the problems in the management of some of the critical problems, like the customer satisfaction as well as the non-stop improvement of these entities.

Main Topics

The course from Bywater allows the delegates to get to know the Process Mapping, and it does so through the topics explained to the them. The main topic that do this are the introduction to the process approach, which is the first one. This topic also explains the connection the performance and the improvement measures have on these processes. The second main topic is about the very concept of the core and support processes, while the third one explains the process mapping techniques.

The next topic of the course explains to us how to create a system around the process-based network, which should make our job a lot easier. Then, we reach the topic of mapping the existing procedures, and after that, the topic of what the objectives are and how to conduct performance measurement. The next topic gives us a road map for the implementation and integration, and the final topic explains to us all the factors we need to take into consideration during the selection of the software we plan to use for our process mapping.

The Outcome

When this course is finished, all the delegates should be able to take the tools and techniques learned here and immediately start implementing them in order to improve the performance of their business. Then, they ought to be able to do a restructuring of all the existing procedure-based systems of management and restructure them around their process-based framework.  Creating a process map and completing the transition to a process approach should be done easy after this course, as should the developing of the road for integration and implementation of the new management systems.

Moving Offices? You May Want Some Help

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 15.58.50When it comes to moving offices it is no easy task. Although you can scroll through lots of serviced offices Liverpool Street with ease, actually moving once you’ve found the office is a new story. So, you have taken years to set up your livelihood in one singular place and the process or even though of moving to a new destination can put most business owners off. Fear not, there are now a wide variety of services that are on offer to help make your moving situation that little bit better. But where exactly will you need help.


In an office there is no shortage of furniture however there is a shortage of office staff. However, you may be moving to a bigger office and need some HADO desks for new staff.Furthermore asking your staff to move furniture opens you up to possible legal action as moving furniture is not a part of their contract. Therefore hiring a professional moving company gets the job done with no repercussions.


It takes a long time to get an office set up and especially decorated if you are doing it yourself. So why not let a professional do it for you? Hiring a decorating company will take a lot of stress off of you allowing you to work on the more important things.

Safe Removal

In an office there will be one place where you keep the most important details of the office, that place is a safe. So when it comes to moving the safe it has to be handled with the utmost care. With the help of trident safe removal you can guarantee that all your possessions will be safe.


People have been attending your original office for years so travel is but a care in the wind but when it comes to moving you should find out if each member of staff can get into work easily.

Reasons To Have Electric Gate In Work Premises

20150220_093941_resized-2Taking precautionary measurements beforehand is a wise move than repenting later. Your workplace is where you need peace of mind from unwanted people, the nuisances of passing by vehicles and any possible incident that might take place. Having open driveways or entrance areas invites all these elements into the surroundings of your office. But using an electric gate puts you in safe zone from irritating elements proving obstacles in concentration and smooth business activities. Reward your contractor that installed your brilliant electric gate with some wine or wine investment with Twelve By Seventy Five. A business that deal with wine investments from beginners to advanced investors.

Prevent Vandalizing Incidents:

We live in an uncertain world where an incident takes place in fraction of a second before we can even know the danger. And working in such scenarios might give you a continuous feeling to face riots marching toward your office building. They don’t know you but they might unleash their anger by vandalizing and damaging your work premises.

Having an electric gate adds a safety layer between you and such incidents by blocking their way before they enter your property. No one likes to face such scenario but it is always a nice move to keep yourself safe by preparing for any possible incident. So that’s why having an electric gate from The Electric Gate Store with strong base and reliable gate operators is essential for businesses of any nature and size.

Stay Away From Unwanted People:

Another reason that businesses should secure their buildings with electric gates is for preventing unwanted people trying to sneak out of a traffic jam. Yes, if your office is situated near the main road or in a place where you have heavy load of vehicles on the road then you need to do something about people strolling through your driveway to get out of the crowd.

It might be a biker, a pedestrian or any car driver try to utilize your driveway by making noise and disturbing you. To keep all these passerby people away, you can simply put a restriction sign by installing an electric gate and tell them to use an alternative way to go through that traffic jam.

Prevent Unwanted Animals:

Another possible nuisance can be that wandering dog or bunch of dogs fighting or chasing each other in ending up in your entrance area. Hearing such unpleasant sounds on a fine morning just spoils the day. Because no one likes to hear any disturbing sound when trying to focus on work. So to prevent such sounds near your building area, electric gates can come in handy in maintaining your peaceful environment at work.

Stay Away From Theft:

You stay up in the office all day long but you need to close it and go back to your home to rest. Who’s going to take care of important documents, files and assets you have in your office? Modern electric gates come with many tools to equip you with latest technology for preventing burglary or theft related activities inside or around the building.

With an electric gate, you can make your premises a restricted area in the first place. But for instance, if a thief successfully breaks into the building then you can have proof to track him down.

Hiring Entertainment Management Services For Your Next Corporate Event

2012_Awards_event_at_Assembly_Rooms_Edinburgh_Photographer_Douglas_RobertsonThe business industry game has changed a lot. Being the best in your business might as well get you nowhere because to succeed and excel you need to impress your potential clients and how better than to hold a corporate event?

What is a corporate Event?

A corporate event or business event is a day taken with the sole aim of impressing current clients or generating new clients. The general idea of a corporate event is that you inform them of exactly what your company can do.

Why is it so successful?

Business events are so successful because it allows you to build a more personal relationship with your client base. You can show that your business is devoted to them so much so that they have taken the time to create an event!

What should you include?

In a business or corporate event there should always be entertainment. Though a business event should focus on demonstrating what exactly the company’s services entail without entertainment the event will simply be dull and won’t create a lasting impression on the intended audience. To ensure that you find the correct entertainment for your event you should look into corporate event hire from They can liaise with you and decide how best to take your event further. Another aspect to consider is leaving a good impression by having a professional domestic cleaning London service make the venue look good as new after you leave. The most improtant aspect of a corporate event is the food! No event is complete without a good meal. Therefore, be sure to hire a good caterer to take care of all of your catering needs at your corporate event.

Who to invite?

The obvious guest list for an event is a specific audience that you are targeting your company services at. However you must consider whether you also want staff to attend the event. With staff there it will create a more united atmosphere however if you want to focus solely on the audience then keep it guest list only.


Smart Meters In Te Office – A Step Towards Better Energy Management

office-energy-christmasThese days, every household is replacing its conventional electric meters with smart meters. A smart meter is a new kind of meter that sends your meter readings to the supplier directly. With this innovative technology, you can reap many benefits that you have not even thought about in the past. By using a smart meter, your energy supply company doesn’t have to ask you to take the readings from your meter nor will they have to send someone else to do so. It will be done automatically, so there will be no chance for inaccuracy.

These smart meters and multifunction power meters are really sophisticated as they show real-time feedback and the cost of your energy usage. You can see the reading on the in-home display. There are both gas smart meters and electricity smart meters available in the market, so one can choose according to their needs.

How does it function?

A smart meter functions by establishing direct communication with the energy supplier and the company will get accurate readings from time to time without you having to go through the hassle of taking the meter reading yourself. Smart meters can function in many different ways. For example, they can be used through a wireless cellular phone technology to relay the data.

What are its benefits?

Smart meters have many advantages over their traditional counterparts. For instance, after the installation of a smart meter, you will get a more accurate bill and you’ll know when to repay your electricity sub meter by JSG Solutions. Say goodbye to estimated bills and never overpaying or underpaying for your bills. You only pay for how much energy you have used. Furthermore, as mentioned before, no one has to come to your home to take a reading and breach your privacy. If you don’t feel comfortable showing someone else how much you have to pay for your utility, then this meter is an ideal option. Finally, with the installation of a smart meter, you can now oversee and manage your energy consumption with the display of real-time data on the meter.

Will it help me save money?

The device itself cannot help you save money, but it can show you how much you’re consuming so that you can decide how to cut down on your usage and save money.

Is it safe to use?

Smart meters are completely safe to use. In fact, according to the Public Health England (PHE), frequency emissions from devices like microwave oven and television are higher than low-frequency emissions from smart meters.

Where to get my smart meter from?

There are many shops out there selling smart meters, but one of the most reliable names in the industry is JSG Metering Solutions Ltd. If you want to install a smart meter in your house and keep a check on your energy consumption, visit the website of JSG Metering Solution today and choose from a range of available options that are best suitable for your pocket. The user-friendly website will allow you to shop with ease and place orders without any trouble. Both debit and credit cards are accepted by the company.